Beginner's Overview on Smarter Studying
Building a meaningful study system
Exploring basic learning psychology

Rapid solution

✋ Warning! Before you watch…

The study system outlined in this video is designed as a rapid solution.

It is by no means something that we expect most students to be able to apply immediately. We have included it as a reference and goal to strive for, but even with coaching, mastery of this technique can take a month or even longer.

We highly recommend you learn the rationale behind the techniques and gradually build up to it, keeping those effective habit-building guidelines in mind. The typical time course we recommend for our more capable students is 2 to 3 months.

⚡ We will cover all of these concepts further in later topics. We suggest you come back to this video in a month or two to see how different it seems. We guarantee you will see it in a totally different light!

Don’t feel pressured to finish this topic in one go! The video is a bit longer than our usual videos and also quite conceptually dense.

Main concepts

  • We need to activate as much deep processing, active reconstruction, and active recall as possible
  • When we learn the “why” we establish a cause and effect logic, which equates to effective and efficient learning
  • Our brain is good at finding patterns and shortcuts, which is something we should exploit
  • All information is reconstructed and provides an opportunity for weakness/gap identification and tests our logic
  • Mindmaps (done well) is a good technique for activating this way of thinking
    • The first step should be a fast skim through to create the basic framework of logic
    • The second step is clarifying the logic with more detail and questioning deeper
    • The third step is to complete the meticulous detail
  • New studying techniques can be slower at first but become faster with automaticity
  • Issues with mindmaps are usually unclear logic/concept flow, a content focus instead of a connection focus, and an over-reliance on words
  • Flashcards (digitally) are effective for rote memorisation
  • Teaching is a technique that invokes deep processing, active reconstruction and recall, as long as it isn’t just explaining

Action steps

We will cover many of the techniques covered in this rapid solution in deeper, slower depth in the following module and topics. So don’t worry if you’re overwhelmed for now 😅 What’s important is that we get used to experimenting with our learning and applying the theory.

Identifying the crux of a concept and distilling it into something that suits you is a fundamental skill of the advanced learner. Only a tiny proportion of students have this skill on auto-pilot.

Challenge: How can you apply some of the principles in the video above to your studying in a realistic, achievable way?
You may need to break down the techniques into easier steps and components, eventually reaching the original technique.

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