Foundations of population health
Studying and evaluating health
Creating interventions
Māori Health

Determinants of health and SEP

Main concepts

  • Introduction to determinants of health and the factors that influence it
  • The multifactorial, non-medical nature of health
  • Socio-economic position and its enormous influence on health

Niel has just done an overview of several incredibly fundamental concepts in population health. We will revisit most of this over the following lessons.

Many students see population health as just a bunch of factors and criteria to memorise. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We have observed a tendency for students who see population health as memorisation-heavy to perform poorly in exams, or even later in their medical pathway when calling on this knowledge.

Learning tip: Students often think that you need to spend longer to learn harder topics. However, in reality, spending a long time to understand the foundations dramatically reduces the time it takes to learn harder material!

💡 Complicated ideas become logical extensions of basic concepts, instead of new things to memorise each time. Focusing on building a solid foundation is the first step towards higher-level learning.

Ask yourself, how often do I understand a topic logically, compared to just rote learning and memorising?

Logically understanding something takes a bit longer the first time you learn it, but it saves massive amounts of time and energy in the medium- to long-term. There are even some topics that are impossible to master if you’ve only memorised it!

Challenge: Most students are not able to keep track of the ideas and concepts, especially when the inter-relationships became more nuanced and subtle.

Start a “big picture ideas” mindmap/flowchart that you can constantly refer to while progressing through this course.

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