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Non-random error

Main concepts

  • RAMBOMAN as a pneumonic for types of non-random error and how we can prevent them
  • Understanding each component of RAMBOMAN in-depth

Learning tip: This is another topic with a lot of fine detail and memorisation. Before you get weighed down with every little detail, see if you can explain the whole topic in simple terms first, from start to finish. If you’re able to explain the entire thing in simple language so that even a 12 year old can understand, it will make it much easier to memorise the individual steps.

Remember, spending time on logically understanding the foundations pays off big-time, especially when you feel like there’s a lot to memorise!

⚡ This is a studying hack you should use for any difficult topic. Get a big-picture understanding and make sense of that first, then go back and put all the names and terminology on it.

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