Foundations of Population Health

How does the environment impact health? Learn about epidemiology, the fascinating unsung hero of healthcare at a first-year university level.
Population Health and Epidemiology Cover

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How do risk factors cause disease? How does our environment impact our health? How can we make meaningful change to not just an individual, but an entire community?

These are the questions answered by epidemiology and population health. While doctors hold the spotlight as rockstars of healthcare, the under-rated and underappreciated field of public health does most of the heavy lifting when it comes to positively affecting the health of our population!

Ultra-transferable: The content of this course is directly relevant through all of medical school and clinical practice.

This course will comprehensively cover the foundational concepts and content as expected for a first-year university student. The information we provide aligns closely with most pre-medical programs in NZ and Australia but rearranged and restructured to be easier to understand for high-school leavers.

By the end of this course you will:

Be able to apply frameworks to evaluate the socio-economic position of individuals and areas
Learn how population health research is conducted and how to critically analyse epidemiological studies
Appreciate the range of factors that determine the health of individuals and communities
Be able to apply different intervention strategies to efficiently solve public health problems
Gain a real-world appreciation for how cultural, historical, social, and financial situations have significant ramifications on modern health outcomes
Understand how and why public health interventions are planned, implemented, and evaluated

💡 Learning tips are integrated into this course. As you progress through the content, you will learn how to study smarter.

Your teacher

Niel Kulkarni - Population Health Tutor

Niel Kulkarni

3rd Year Medical Student, University of Auckland

Niel is a JTT alumni and A+ student completing his 3rd year of medical school at the University of Auckland. His pre-medical grades placed him in approximately the top 3% of his year. He has taught population health for JTT for 2 years, gaining one of our highest tutor ratings of 96%. Niel has an interest in space medicine and co-founded the Australasian astro-medicine students association!

Professional reviewer

Dr Justin Sung

Dr Justin Sung

MBChB, BMedSci (Hons First Class), Cert Adult Learning and Teaching

Justin is an NZ registered doctor, University of Auckland graduate and founder of JTT. As NZ’s most experienced medical entry expert, he has supported thousands of students since 2012. Justin works regularly with schools, students, parents, and other organisations to help them learn more effectively. His pre-medical scores were approximately in the top 1% of his year. In his spare time, he likes to exercise, dance and read.

You can download the following concepts list below. Use your effective prestudy and priming techniques to build a logical framework and basic mindmap structure using this list.

Fill basic structure using inquiry-based learning principles and targeted Google searching. After forming your basic structure, use the videos to add additional detail and build your understanding.

The concepts list can also be used as a revision resource.

Download PDF: POPLHLTH 111 Concepts List

This concepts list is not covered to 100% detail in the Academy videos. Any gaps should be filled through Google searching or other available resources. However, all the important and/or difficult concepts are comprehensively covered, as are all important details from both lectures and textbooks, equating to approximately 98-99% content coverage.

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Foundations of population health
Studying and evaluating health
Creating interventions
Māori Health

Ratings and Reviews

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!
Hasan Al-Rawenduzy
Posted 1 year ago
A fun way to learn

Neils logical and example-driven teachings give you the context and information in POPLHLTH 111 to understand all the information without the need for memorisation. The way that each module is taught really is different from the way the university teaches you, as Neil actually takes the time to hold your hand and help you understand the root causes. A must-have for pre-med!

Jonathan Lo
Posted 1 year ago
Would definitely recommend to all pre-med students

Unlike bio and chem which we might have some basic knowledge from high school, Population Health 111 is a completely new subject and it could be overwhelming for many pre-med students. Neil broke this complicated paper down into something that was enjoyable to learn. 10/10 :))

Niharika Mandadi
Posted 1 year ago

Neil is absolutely an amazing tutor. He covered the key areas and ideas by linking them to the actual world, making it easier to understand and not just memorise everything. This course was very well-structured and has definitely helped my conceptual understanding. Although it's content-heavy how the course was taught and structured made it lively and stimulating.

Abdullah Islam
Posted 2 years ago
Honest opinion pt.2

Throughout this course, Niel really goes into the depths of what population really is. Initially it may look scary, with so much to memorize, but the way in which Niel approaches the situations makes it seem as though the content isn't all too difficult, and again quite manageable. Would definitely recommend!

Irisha Inamke
Posted 2 years ago
real talk pt. 2

Niel is an absolute beast at teaching content to first years in ways that are actually relatable to the student mindset. The JTT pop111 course is structured so that it flows very well from topic to topic and the level of difficulty increases gradually so you ease into the trickier stuff instead of getting smashed by a block of content 🙂

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!
Population Health and Epidemiology Cover

You can access this course with an Academy membership. Did you know that almost 1/4 of successful medical school candidates have an Academy membership?

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