Foundations of Biological Science

Explore the fundamentals of biological science at the medical entry level. This course will extend and apply your understanding from highschool biology.
Foundations of Biology Cover

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Biological science is the foundation of all medical science. A strong understanding of biology is a pool of knowledge that will be drawn on every day.

This course will comprehensively cover the foundational concepts and content as expected for a first-year university student. The information we provide aligns closely with most pre-medical programs in NZ and Australia, but rearranged and restructured to be easier to understand for high-school leavers.

By the end of this course you will:

Learn and be able to apply foundational biological science principles and concepts for health and medical science
Learn and be able to execute key, evidence-based techniques for smarter studying
Understand foundational biology to the level of a top-achieving first-year university student

💡 Learning tips are integrated into this course. As you progress through the content, you will learn how to study smarter.

Your teacher

Finley Breeze - Biology Tutor

Finley Breeze

3rd Year Medical Student, University of Auckland

Finley is a JTT alumni and A+ student completing his 3rd year of medical school at the University of Auckland. His pre-medical scores placed him in approximately the top 3% of his year. He has had 2 years of tutoring experience for both individuals and classes and has passed our rigorous JTT training for class tutors. In his spare time, he likes to make music electronically!

Professional reviewer

Dr Justin Sung

Dr Justin Sung

MBChB, BMedSci (Hons First Class), Cert Adult Learning and Teaching

Justin is an NZ registered doctor, University of Auckland graduate and founder of JTT. As NZ’s most experienced medical entry expert, he has supported thousands of students since 2012. Justin works regularly with schools, students, parents, and other organisations to help them learn more effectively. His pre-medical scores were approximately in the top 1% of his year. In his spare time, he likes to exercise, dance and read.

You can download the following concepts list below. Use your effective prestudy and priming techniques to build a logical framework and basic mindmap structure using this list.

Fill basic structure using inquiry-based learning principles and targeted Google searching. After forming your basic structure, use the videos to add additional detail and build your understanding.

The concepts list can also be used as a revision resource.

Download PDF: BIOSCI 107 Concepts List

This concepts list is not covered to 100% detail in the Academy videos. Any gaps should be filled through Google searching or other available resources. However, all the important and/or difficult concepts are comprehensively covered, as are all important details from both lectures and textbooks, equating to approximately 98-99% content coverage.

Course Content

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Basics of biology
Cell structure and functions
Excitable tissues
Blood and Immune

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Olivia Fleming
Posted 1 year ago
Logical concepts and all the details

This course is fantastic! The information is organised logically and each section builds on basic concepts that make it really easy to understand. All of the detail that is needed is included in a way that makes it memorable. I would recommend this to anyone who is considering studying BIOSCI. The sooner you start, the better!!

Jonathan Lo
Posted 1 year ago

I'm very impressed by the way Finley explains the contents in BioSci 107, especially for Blood and Immune. Many of my friends thought B&I was the hardest module, but after going through the B&I section in the JTT course, I found it super straight forward and easy to understand 😄

Irisha Inamke
Posted 2 years ago
Real Talk

The amount of depth and detail this course goes into is amazing. Being exposed to the entire course material before the semester even starts is such a game-changer. I wish I had this last year when I was a first-year, especially for this paper because of the ginormous amount of content. A much better teacher than the lecturers which says a lot about the quality of this course 🙂

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!
Foundations of Biology Cover

You can access this course with an Academy membership. Did you know that almost 1/4 of successful medical school candidates have an Academy membership?

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