Foundational concepts
Functional groups 1
Functional groups 2
Acids and bases

Summary of isomers

Got all that? 🤔

Learning tip: This is the perfect opportunity to see if you can teach this content from start to finish.

What makes this activity so effective? You could teach everything in maximum detail from the get go, which is fine… Or you could really bring up the efficiency of your studying by teaching the big picture first! Try to teach how each main concept flows and interacts with the other main concepts.

It may take some time to structure and organise everything in your head so it flows nice and simply – but this slow process is exactly where the meat of learning is, not in writing out your notes repeatedly!

Bonus tip: Make a simple mindmap/flowchart of the keywords and concepts to help structure your teaching flow. This concept card technique is the conceptual version of flashcards and can be a great way to revise big concepts on the go!

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