Chemistry for Life Sciences

Chemistry is the engine of biology and a common weakness for students. This course will introduce and slowly unravel chemistry at the first-year university level.
Chemistry for Life Sciences

You can access this course with an Academy membership. Did you know that almost 1/4 of successful medical school candidates have an Academy membership?

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Like biology is the foundation of medicine, chemistry is the foundation of biology. The chemical processes related to life, health and the body serve as a pillar for a huge range of future learning.

This course will comprehensively cover the foundational concepts and content as expected for a first-year university student. The information we provide aligns closely with most pre-medical programs in NZ and Australia but rearranged and restructured to be easier to understand for high-school leavers.

By the end of this course you will:

Learn and be able to apply foundational chemistry principles and concepts related to life sciences.
Learn and be able to execute key, evidence-based techniques for smarter studying
Understand foundational biology to the level of a top-achieving first-year university student

Note: As chemistry is a weak subject for many students, the foundational topics in this course are taught at a more gradual pace. This is more aligned with the pace our students tend to prefer during face-to-face tutorials, rather than the faster pace of lectures.

💡 Learning tips are integrated into this course. As you progress through the content, you will learn how to study smarter.

Your teacher

Anthony Hua - Chem Tutor

Anthony Hua

2nd Year Medical Student, University of Auckland

Anthony is a JTT alumni and A+ student completing his 2nd year of medical school at the University of Auckland. His pre-medical grades placed him in approximately the top 5% of his year. He has taught chemistry both privately and for JTT classes for the last year. His naturally gentle and calm teaching style is something to look forward to in a stressful year. In his spare time, he likes to write music!

Professional reviewer

Dr Justin Sung

Dr Justin Sung

MBChB, BMedSci (Hons First Class), Cert Adult Learning and Teaching

Justin is an NZ registered doctor, University of Auckland graduate and founder of JTT. As NZ’s most experienced medical entry expert, he has supported thousands of students since 2012. Justin works regularly with schools, students, parents, and other organisations to help them learn more effectively. His pre-medical scores were approximately in the top 1% of his year. In his spare time, he likes to exercise, dance and read.

🔬 Course image of H-β-(2-Pyridyl)-Ala-OH microcrystals (amino acids class) grown from aqueous solution on the platinum surface. By Алла Нураева – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

You can download the following concepts list below. Use your effective prestudy and priming techniques to build a logical framework and basic mindmap structure using this list.

Fill basic structure using inquiry-based learning principles and targeted Google searching. After forming your basic structure, use the videos to add additional detail and build your understanding.

The concepts list can also be used as a revision resource.

Download PDF: CHEM 110 Concepts List

This concepts list is not covered to 100% detail in the Academy videos. Any gaps should be filled through Google searching or other available resources. However, all the important and/or difficult concepts are comprehensively covered, as are all important details from both lectures and textbooks, equating to approximately 98-99% content coverage.

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Acids and bases
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Olivia Fleming
Posted 1 year ago

I have always struggled with chemistry and I thought that I was bad at it.... I was wrong. This course shows just how easy the concepts of chemistry are. This chemistry course will make you realise that you can do chemistry and really set you up for the chemistry taught at university

Hasan Al-Rawenduzy
Posted 1 year ago
Chemistry is actually fun?!

Anthony somehow made chemistry fun and logical for me to understand, something that was definitely not the case in high school, but the way he teaches and presents the information section by section does really make the course a lot more enjoyable. Any of you who hated high school chemistry, this course will change that for you!

Jonathan Lo
Posted 2 years ago
Worth it

Back in high school, the ONLY way I studied for chem was memorising facts, although my grades were ok but trust me, I did not enjoy it AT ALL. However, Anthony made the "boring" part of chem enjoyable and most importantly, UNDERSTANDABLE. I highly recommend students taking this course 🙂

Amy Chen
Posted 2 years ago
I finally get it!

I was so nervous about chemistry because my school didn't teach it well. But I feel like I really get why the reactions happen the way they do now. Anthony taught it better than all my previous teachers combined. Highly recommend if your worried about chem!

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!
Chemistry for Life Sciences

You can access this course with an Academy membership. Did you know that almost 1/4 of successful medical school candidates have an Academy membership?

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